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2008, January 5th Chatlog: GoMe Meeting

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Original thread can be found here: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13697

(01/06 00:14:15) Chat.log started...
(01/06 00:14:22) Shimmerillion: then i've got a list of stuff after that
(01/06 00:14:27) Shimmerillion: lol oops
(01/06 00:14:35) Shimmerillion: so anyway that's the only update i have
(01/06 00:15:02) Shimmerillion: who's next?
(01/06 00:15:0 Veralun: do you know reCAPTCHA ?
(01/06 00:15:27) Shimmerillion: yes, and supposedly it's installed, but it's not doing a lot of good
(01/06 00:15:32) Veralun: nice yo implement in a forum against spambots
(01/06 00:15:44) Marten: Re> Ghaelen - she won't be able to attend, she just told me she's "Elbow deep in glaze".
(01/06 00:15:46) Veralun: it is a small help
(01/06 00:15:55) Veralun: ai
(01/06 00:15:59) Thend: Thanks Marten lol
(01/06 00:15:59) Crier for all: lol marten ok
(01/06 00:16:05) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:16:16) Shimmerillion: yes, i'm sure we'd have a lot more if we didn't have the captchas
(01/06 00:16:47) Marten: I think for avoiding the spambots, you've got to do what I suggested before; something that is sufficiently unique from other sites so there's no desire by spammers to tailor their system to hack it.
(01/06 00:16:57) Veralun: you can ask Tweek ot Amonre for advice
(01/06 00:17:25) Marten: The Great Tree hasn't had any spammers of which I'm aware, at all, since putting in a stupidly easy quiz question.
(01/06 00:17:42) Shimmerillion: yes, the quiz question is the mod i'm currently looking at
(01/06 00:18:05) Thend: 'What is the color of Marten's eyes?'
(01/06 00:18:09) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:18:11) Marten: LOL
(01/06 00:18:14) Crier for all starts to laugh
(01/06 00:18:1 Marten doesn't see any spammers here...
(01/06 00:18:1 Boogihn f'toogo: he he
(01/06 00:18:27) Shimmerillion peers into Marten's eyes ....
(01/06 00:18:46) Boogihn f'toogo: just in case, marten what color are your eyes?
(01/06 00:18:49) Marten: The combination to securing an account at the Great Tree forum is like the comination to Skroob's luggage.
(01/06 00:18:52) Thend snickers
(01/06 00:19:00) Crier for all sees that marten is getting red ears
(01/06 00:19:05) Marten: Hazel.
(01/06 00:19:12) Boogihn f'toogo: thx
(01/06 00:19:54) Shimmerillion: ok, so does anyone have any specific updates, or shall we move on to projects?
(01/06 00:20:34) Veralun: no update here
(01/06 00:20:37) Thend is here for the free donuts
(01/06 00:20:51) Shimmerillion: someone pass thend a donut
(01/06 00:20:51) Boogihn f'toogo: lol
(01/06 00:21:05) Boogihn f'toogo passes donuts and keeps the java
(01/06 00:21:10) Shimmerillion: ok, well one project we had mentioned was doing a sort of membership drive
(01/06 00:21:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Sorry, dinner was at that critical stir stage!
(01/06 00:21:2 Crier for all: lol
(01/06 00:21:34) Veralun: did you eat it?
(01/06 00:21:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: No, lol it has to go into the oven next
(01/06 00:21:49) Veralun: ok
(01/06 00:21:51) Thend: Thanks Boog. Wb DM. And Shim, what's that about?
(01/06 00:22:29) Shimmerillion: well several of the affiliates, as well as gome itself, are short-staffed, so we thought it would be good to work as a team to recruit for everyone at the same time
(01/06 00:22:46) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:23:09) Shimmerillion: We could pass around a KImail with the list of open positions and website
(01/06 00:23:23) Shimmerillion: any other ideas?
(01/06 00:23:41) Crier for all: it is mentioned in the GoMe newsletter but so far no response on that
(01/06 00:24:22) Crier for all: do you all have the gomenewsletter?
(01/06 00:24:32) Boogihn f'toogo: maybe a GoMe version of cavern job fair?
(01/06 00:24:32) Shimmerillion: no, i don't actually
(01/06 00:24:41) Shimmerillion: yes, boogihn
(01/06 00:24:53) Veralun: ty
(01/06 00:24:5 Shimmerillion: that's a good idea
(01/06 00:25:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i like the idea of a GoMe job fair
(01/06 00:25:05) Thend: I may need it, thanks. My KI is a mess
(01/06 00:25:19) To Boogihn f'toogo: sent it to all
(01/06 00:25:26) Crier for all: sent it to all
(01/06 00:25:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: We are currently trying to see how many we have for the next season and probably will be recruiting again
(01/06 00:25:4 Shimmerillion: we might try a graphical flyer as well, just to diversify our advertising
(01/06 00:26:05) Thend: I think the GoMe Job Fair is a good idea. Have to watch events, though, space them out so they do not become too commonplace. But I think this at this time may justify it
(01/06 00:26:26) Shimmerillion: so do you guys think we should try this now, or would waiting for the next season mean we get better results (more people in-cavern)?
(01/06 00:26:2 Thend: I think the supposed 'Announcement' we are all expecting will have to come first, perhaps
(01/06 00:26:30) Shimmerillion: or both?
(01/06 00:26:41) Veralun: agree
(01/06 00:26:47) Crier for all: right
(01/06 00:26:51) Veralun: wait for the announcement
(01/06 00:26:55) Shimmerillion: ok
(01/06 00:27:01) Veralun: ppl are a bit lame at this moment
(01/06 00:27:02) Boogihn f'toogo: i am noticing more and more ppl incavern these days
(01/06 00:27:10) Shimmerillion: that's good
(01/06 00:27:15) Crier for all: ye indeed
(01/06 00:27:23) Thend: Once the Announcement happens, for better or worse, interest will spike. Depending, of course on the nature of it
(01/06 00:27:24) Shimmerillion: maybe we can pass around the KImail for now
(01/06 00:27:29) Shimmerillion: right
(01/06 00:27:35) Veralun: yep
(01/06 00:27:43) Boogihn f'toogo: and maybe start the hype about the job fair
(01/06 00:27:50) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:27:57) Crier for all: good idea
(01/06 00:28:09) Shimmerillion: maybe we could have the job fair the same day the episode starts
(01/06 00:28:17) Boogihn f'toogo: oh no!
(01/06 00:28:20) Shimmerillion: that would give explorers something to do while they wait for news
(01/06 00:28:26) Crier for all: no don't think so
(01/06 00:28:31) Boogihn f'toogo: Maybe the day before.... lol
(01/06 00:28:3 Shimmerillion: lol ok
(01/06 00:28:41) Marten wants to ask a question...
(01/06 00:28:46) Shimmerillion: yes marten?
(01/06 00:28:47) Veralun: I do not know how it goes with the D'ni Games, but that would also a good oppertunity to profile us
(01/06 00:29:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Oooo yes, veralun
(01/06 00:29:00) Veralun: sorry
(01/06 00:29:02) Marten: I'd like to comment a little on the nature of recruiting volunteers.
(01/06 00:29:06) Thend: I think the Episode (if it happens) will be farther into the future. I say a Job Fair right after announcement and hype for GoMe, etc, then one directly before supposed Episode
(01/06 00:29:26) Shimmerillion: go ahead, marten
(01/06 00:30:01) Marten: One of the difficult things about getting volunteers is finding people who're passionate about what you're doing (this is how charities attract volunteers) and don't mind that the project isn't realy their own, or who see a way to help make it their own.
(01/06 00:30:45) Boogihn f'toogo: Marten you speak very wisely
(01/06 00:30:56) Marten: So, I would recommend emphasizing to potential people who want to work with the GoMe that we're open to bringing in new ideas and projects as well as looking for someone to help with existing projects.
(01/06 00:31:33) Marten: It's one thing with CCN that I really admire, they work well because they know they can't do each of their projects on their own, but they can work together and create synergy.
(01/06 00:31:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:31:55) Veralun: right
(01/06 00:31:59) Crier for all: indeed
(01/06 00:31:59) Boogihn f'toogo:
(01/06 00:32:02) Marten: That's the end of my comment
(01/06 00:32:11) Shimmerillion: and a good one
(01/06 00:32:29) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I like Thend's suggestion of timing as well.
(01/06 00:32:34) Boogihn f'toogo: Shorah
(01/06 00:32:35) Crier for all: shorah mtigerv
(01/06 00:32:46) MTigerV: howdy floks
(01/06 00:32:52) Shimmerillion: welcome, mtv
(01/06 00:32:55) Shimmerillion:
(01/06 00:33:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Yes, not just one thing but a combo of things
(01/06 00:33:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Shorah
(01/06 00:33:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:33:15) Shimmerillion: well, d'ni games start on the 13 - is that still correct?
(01/06 00:33:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: As far as I know
(01/06 00:33:25) Veralun: yes
(01/06 00:33:45) Thend: I agree with Marten, and add that if an organization is seen as well-run, it goes a long way on the attracting front. I think GoMe has proven admirably itself on this account
(01/06 00:33:47) Veralun: I hope Dovahn or what is his name can realise all
(01/06 00:34:16) Boogihn f'toogo: He is certainly climbing uphill
(01/06 00:34:24) Crier for all: yes indeed they still need people
(01/06 00:34:32) Boogihn f'toogo: I hope he succeeds as well
(01/06 00:34:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Yes, those games can bring a lot of people together
(01/06 00:34:50) Boogihn f'toogo: To tell you the truth....
(01/06 00:34:52) Thend: Yes Veralun. From what I know of the 1st D'ni Games, it is an incredible challenge
(01/06 00:34:59) Shimmerillion: maybe we can "cover" the games, like ESPN here in the states - and have the announcer announce that videos or pictures will be available from the GoMe
(01/06 00:35:09) Boogihn f'toogo: If i didnt read the forums, i wouldnt know anything about the D'ni Games
(01/06 00:35:10) Veralun: yeah
(01/06 00:35:13) Thend: Shim, yes
(01/06 00:35:20) Veralun: I contacted rex havoc about this
(01/06 00:35:24) Shimmerillion: great
(01/06 00:35:35) Veralun: he is offering his help as much as he can
(01/06 00:35:49) Veralun: but Dovahn has to make the step to ask him
(01/06 00:36:02) Boogihn f'toogo: Ahhhh
(01/06 00:36:03) Thend: Same here Boog. But I have been out-of-the-loop for a bit for various reasons, so dunno how the Games have been promoted In-Cavern
(01/06 00:36:10) Veralun: which he did not yet
(01/06 00:36:14) Boogihn f'toogo: Not
(01/06 00:36:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i volunteered to be a referee an/or a crowd wrangler but am waiting to see if he is going to let us know where and what we have to do
(01/06 00:36:35) Crier for all: they have asked the Criers to bring the news in the cavern
(01/06 00:36:52) Boogihn f'toogo: Do we have a flyer yet?
(01/06 00:36:59) Boogihn f'toogo: Cfa?
(01/06 00:37:00) Crier for all: no not yet
(01/06 00:37:12) Veralun: to be hounest I think this need more preparation and time
(01/06 00:37:17) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:37:23) Boogihn f'toogo nods her head
(01/06 00:37:31) Shimmerillion: i wonder if Samsbase or someone would be interested in broadcasting "live coverage" that we could plug
(01/06 00:37:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: He has yet to have meetings with those who might have volunteered for positions
(01/06 00:37:47) Veralun: so if this fails now we have to try to do it later
(01/06 00:38:17) Thend: Veralun, yeah on the point that a major event cannot be stepped into lightly, organization-wise
(01/06 00:38:44) Veralun: I do not see it as my task but I think the GoME can play an important roll in this
(01/06 00:39:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: from past experience, SuperGram puts a lot of effort, meetings and organization into her St. Patricks Day Parade
(01/06 00:39:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Same needs to be done with the Games
(01/06 00:39:26) Veralun: Is it an idea to ask her?
(01/06 00:39:31) Boogihn f'toogo: It seems like Dovahn might need an assistant
(01/06 00:39:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: i dont think she would be interested in the games
(01/06 00:39:51) Veralun: no but I am thinking further
(01/06 00:39:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: She is already looking at the Parade, lol
(01/06 00:39:55) Shimmerillion: well, we can't plan the games for him; all we can do is offer our services as gome
(01/06 00:40:02) Veralun: st Patricks parade etc
(01/06 00:40:2 Veralun: that is what I mean Shimm
(01/06 00:40:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: She told me the other night that she will be contacting people for publicity etc.
(01/06 00:40:47) Thend: oops lol
(01/06 00:40:59) Shimmerillion: cool. well it sounds like even if we can't get it together in time for the games, the parade would be another good opportunity
(01/06 00:41:0 Thend hates his KI. Or at least really dislikes it
(01/06 00:41:14) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 00:41:30) Crier for all: lol throw it away
(01/06 00:41:31) Veralun: yes there are coming oppertunities enough
(01/06 00:41:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i have been nagging her because Relayers Hood want to be one of the hosting hoods this year!
(01/06 00:41:46) Thend: (I wish, Crier)
(01/06 00:41:53) Veralun: now we need the ppl to do this
(01/06 00:42:03) Veralun: as marten said
(01/06 00:42:06) Shimmerillion: lol and we're back to square one
(01/06 00:42:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol, and I nominated Biegalski for the Grand Marshal, lol
(01/06 00:42:30) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 00:42:5 Thend: Wait. Grand Marshal of St Pat's Parade? lol
(01/06 00:43:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, the REBELs will love it
(01/06 00:43:2 Thend: Maybe a deputy GM. I thought Rand was da guy?
(01/06 00:43:30) Shimmerillion: yeah they will
(01/06 00:43:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Though if she can get Greydragon or Rand again that would really be a draw
(01/06 00:43:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Depends on who she can get
(01/06 00:43:5 Thend: I think they have been all the other years
(01/06 00:44:00) Boogihn f'toogo: Is there a way to set up a recruitment activity in the greeters bevin or the beginners bevin?
(01/06 00:44:10) Shimmerillion: now theres an idea
(01/06 00:44:20) Boogihn f'toogo: To help some of the new explorers know about our guild?
(01/06 00:44:36) MTigerV: how about manning the table in kriel?
(01/06 00:44:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: that would be interesting
(01/06 00:44:55) Veralun: like that idea MTV
(01/06 00:44:55) Boogihn f'toogo: If there were ever any ppl in Kirel
(01/06 00:45:02) Shimmerillion: yes, they could shoot them a brochure
(01/06 00:45:02) Boogihn f'toogo: It might attract some more ppl
(01/06 00:45:24) MTigerV: is it a constant place like the general city?
(01/06 00:45:30) Boogihn f'toogo: No
(01/06 00:45:3 Boogihn f'toogo: You have to intentionally go there
(01/06 00:45:41) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Though, GoG don't want extra stuff to distract the new folk, they could be directed to say, GoG2 or Beginners
(01/06 00:45:44) Thend: (Btw, suggestion on St Pat's coverage. First time I attended Rand was voicing to everyone over TeamSpeak. Last time, only organizers heard him there. I would say the excitement/interest level would be increased if everyone could hear/interact with him again like that first time)
(01/06 00:45:4 Boogihn f'toogo: That is why there needs to be something to draw ppl there
(01/06 00:45:52) Veralun: city is still the best place to recrute ppl
(01/06 00:46:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Beginners might be a good starting point...I see a lot come there looking for the orientations
(01/06 00:46:02) Crier for all: I would rather have it in the city at the tent on tokatah square
(01/06 00:46:14) Crier for all: that is a really good meeting point
(01/06 00:46:25) Shimmerillion: maybe we could ask for a minute at the beginning of each orientation, just to plug gome
(01/06 00:46:30) Boogihn f'toogo: Except that is a real playground area
(01/06 00:46:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Thend, it would have to be a hear only thing...otherwise he would be overwhelmed again
(01/06 00:46:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol
(01/06 00:47:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: though it was fun talking with him <big grin>
(01/06 00:47:12) Veralun: also use the MOUL forum
(01/06 00:47:15) Thend: Crier, I agree. The Tent's a good place to utilize for that
(01/06 00:47:35) Boogihn f'toogo: that would have to be PM'd then
(01/06 00:47:45) Marten: You could ask the ResEngs if the guilds could put up some notices on their bulletin board. Say, let the greeters have a slide, maintainers and cartographers on another, writers and messengers on a third.
(01/06 00:47:46) Boogihn f'toogo: The tent area is a real playground....
(01/06 00:48:16) Thend: (DM, perhaps, but the first time TS was packed, but everyone could say Hi to Rand, and were very polite. Though, if nothing else, yes, everyone should at least hear him)
(01/06 00:48:1 Shimmerillion: marten, that's a fabulous idea! Or - we could create a generic "join a guild" brochure with a blurb, logo, and "how to get more info" on each one
(01/06 00:48:19) Crier for all: true but we need people and the meet there the most
(01/06 00:48:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i would like to see something on each Guild pub imager like that....most people will come through here at some point
(01/06 00:49:00) Boogihn f'toogo: I wonder how many ppl have been through here this past month?
(01/06 00:49:02) Marten: If the guilds co-promote each other it could build unity.
(01/06 00:49:10) Shimmerillion: yes exactly
(01/06 00:49:14) [Relayer]DMom_2000: i would love to have Rand say something over TS to everyone...that would certainly make it a special occasion for everyone
(01/06 00:49:21) Crier for all: hmm i hate to say it but not many come to the guild pub
(01/06 00:49:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Or he could go to a channel..but I think those are limited in numbers so that might be a problem
(01/06 00:49:40) Boogihn f'toogo: I would agree Crier
(01/06 00:50:24) Boogihn f'toogo: Maybe we should just have one conversation at a time here. Lets finish abut the parade plans and then come back to promoting the guilds
(01/06 00:50:34) Boogihn f'toogo: I am getting confused what to read.... lol
(01/06 00:51:00) Marten: Sorry! I thought we had moved on O.o
(01/06 00:51:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Lol, sorry. SuperGram is totally in charge of the parade...any suggestions, pm her.
(01/06 00:51:41) Marten: Right. The GoMe's involvement would be to follow what she asks of us.
(01/06 00:51:47) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 00:51:52) Thend: (DM, various channels maybe. In any case, something for the Explorers to hear, at least. And yes, I was just suggesting here cause GoMe would be covering))
(01/06 00:52:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Trust me she has a handle on it, too!
(01/06 00:52:2 Thend: Sorry, Boog. I know. the chat went too fast for me lol
(01/06 00:52:43) Boogihn f'toogo is relieved .... whew
(01/06 00:53:20) Boogihn f'toogo: Thx guys
(01/06 00:53:34) Thend nods his head
(01/06 00:54:34) Boogihn f'toogo: I didnt mean to stop all conversation
(01/06 00:54:3 Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 00:54:45) Thend: I apologize. Please go on
(01/06 00:54:57) Boogihn f'toogo: I dont even know who was talking....
(01/06 00:55:01) Boogihn f'toogo: Or about what lol
(01/06 00:55:11) Veralun: st patricksday
(01/06 00:55:25) Veralun: you wanted to finish that
(01/06 00:56:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Well, any suggestions, just pm SuperGram...she knows who to contact and will probably do it once a season is announced
(01/06 00:56:25) Crier for all: so the plan for st patrickday is to pm SG for any help
(01/06 00:56:32) Veralun: yes
(01/06 00:56:44) Thend: I just wished to make a suggestion on the communication aspects, GoMe-wise, and did, that was it
(01/06 00:56:46) Shimmerillion: well, and i think it would be good for us to draw up a generic "event coverage" plan
(01/06 00:56:4 Veralun: after the big announcement
(01/06 00:57:02) Veralun: if there is one
(01/06 00:57:04) Thend: Good idea Shim. It could accomodate many events
(01/06 00:57:06) Shimmerillion: we might even want to practice on random stuff to get our system down pat
(01/06 00:57:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Relayers are working at consolidating resources....
(01/06 00:57:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: We are going to redo the Buddy list since it is now so huge it is almost too hard to manage
(01/06 00:57:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also we have no way of knowing who is still active on it
(01/06 00:58:16) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we will be limiting the list to just one avie...no more accepting multiple avies to give new people a chance to get on it
(01/06 00:58:26) Marten: *nod*
(01/06 00:58:4 [Relayer]DMom_2000: also we are looking to see how many active Relayers we have so we can better allocate resources
(01/06 00:59:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: personally....and this is my opinion...I would like to see going back to the hoods for more Relaying
(01/06 00:59:25) Thend: How so?
(01/06 00:59:2 [Relayer]DMom_2000: getting people to come together in the hoods
(01/06 00:59:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: seems a lot are using the lists to find out where the DRC are and going there only
(01/06 01:00:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: not sure how...we would love to station people in the subscription hoods so that people would know that they can just go there to have a relay but sometimes no one is there or only one or two
(01/06 01:00:54) MTigerV: i imagine it'd be difficult to convince people to do that
(01/06 01:00:55) Shimmerillion: that's another publicity question
(01/06 01:00:5 [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:01:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also if we have the numbers to cover hoods....we were spread pretty thin last episode
(01/06 01:01:46) Boogihn f'toogo: Only at the yeesha speech
(01/06 01:01:46) Crier for all: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:01:51) Veralun: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:01:55) Gemini: shora
(01/06 01:02:00) Gemini: h
(01/06 01:02:02) Boogihn f'toogo: And that was because very few had finished to k'veer
(01/06 01:02:06) Thend: Hello Gemini
(01/06 01:02:10) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, by the grace of I dont know what, we got someone in Kveer for that speech
(01/06 01:02:13) Shimmerillion: maybe you should set a couple of hoods that relayers always cover, so people know where to go ... or do you do that already?
(01/06 01:02:14) Gemini: hello
(01/06 01:02:17) Boogihn f'toogo: Shorah geminie
(01/06 01:02:26) Shimmerillion: shorah gemini
(01/06 01:02:35) Boogihn f'toogo: Gemini....sorry
(01/06 01:02:46) Marten: We were so lucky Leighana was there at the right time.
(01/06 01:02:47) Gemini: has the meeting started
(01/06 01:02:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we try Shim but it comes down to someone has to get to the action and the buddy list has been standard and you have to have others looking out where to go
(01/06 01:02:54) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:02:57) Veralun: we have a meeting, but you can enjoy if you like
(01/06 01:03:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000: action can be anywhere so bunches of us sit in Nexus ready to jump
(01/06 01:03:34) Shimmerillion: true .. i just meant 2 hoods for listeners to gather in, while the rest of you go to the action
(01/06 01:03:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if we had the numbers we could have the ones to get to the various places to stand by for action, others in the hoods for relay and the one buddy list person
(01/06 01:03:53) Shimmerillion: but i don't really know how it works
(01/06 01:04:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: true, Shim....
(01/06 01:04:11) Boogihn f'toogo: we had that many last episode dmom
(01/06 01:04:19) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we may be forced to pick just two or three hoods and say here we are.
(01/06 01:04:57) Thend: DM, do the Relayers have an ideal number of members they are shotting for? To cover things the way you want and/or have?
(01/06 01:04:59) [Relayer]DMom_2000: GoG2 is one of the ones I would pick for every episode to have a Relayer posted in
(01/06 01:05:01) Shimmerillion: yes, or 2 hoods and tokotah
(01/06 01:05:4 [Relayer]DMom_2000: well so much of it depends on who is available, what is going on... and everyone has RL stuff to deal with in the middle of it all, lol
(01/06 01:06:03) Boogihn f'toogo: Im sorry but i have to go
(01/06 01:06:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh not the city...we are definitely not relaying in the city!
(01/06 01:06:07) [Relayer]DMom_2000 cringes
(01/06 01:06:09) Boogihn f'toogo: Is there a chatlog?
(01/06 01:06:14) Shimmerillion: bye, boogihn, thanks for coming!
(01/06 01:06:17) Crier for all: yes I started it
(01/06 01:06:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh we got hammered for a relay in the pub
(01/06 01:06:21) Boogihn f'toogo: I will read the rest
(01/06 01:06:27) Boogihn f'toogo: Take care all!
(01/06 01:06:36) Veralun: bye
(01/06 01:06:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: night Boogihn
(01/06 01:06:3 Crier for all: thank you boo see you
(01/06 01:06:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: so we stick only to hoods
(01/06 01:06:59) Shimmerillion: lol i see
(01/06 01:07:22) Marten: Agreed.
(01/06 01:07:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and Greydragon said that we should not. Some feel it interferes with their game....hence the buddy list
(01/06 01:07:3 [Relayer]DMom_2000: but only hoods who have asked for us
(01/06 01:07:45) MTigerV: ould these pubs be another relay location to consider?
(01/06 01:07:52) Shimmerillion: you could use gome
(01/06 01:07:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: though I have been in some where someone there starts relaying and that is ok too
(01/06 01:08:21) [Relayer]DMom_2000: no, MTigerV....that caused a problem when a relay was done from one of these pubs
(01/06 01:09:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: someone felt that it interfered with his enjoyment of the game and complained. So we dont do that anymore...no public places other than hoods that have requested us
(01/06 01:09:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: if they have an issue they can take it up with the hood owners
(01/06 01:09:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: it has worked out very well so far.
(01/06 01:10:42) Shimmerillion: well, i want to commend you guys for all the time and work it takes
(01/06 01:10:47) Shimmerillion: i think it's awesome
(01/06 01:10:49) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:11:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: Also as a sidenote......we are currently talking amongst ourselves about officially affiliating with the GoMe and will be letting you know, probably soon about that.
(01/06 01:11:16) Shimmerillion: we'd love to have you
(01/06 01:11:1 Shimmerillion:
(01/06 01:11:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, thanks....it has been a lot of fun but also has been stressful at times...
(01/06 01:12:11) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I have NO idea why I got involved in it other than in RL I did something very similar and it was as much fun as this has been
(01/06 01:12:43) Shimmerillion: lol that's the only reason to do it
(01/06 01:12:52) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:12:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:13:23) Shimmerillion: well, i know i will have to go here in a few minutes
(01/06 01:13:4 Veralun: ok
(01/06 01:14:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think Thend's idea of having recruitment once an episode is announced and then again after the episode has a lot of merit
(01/06 01:14:20) Marten: *nod*
(01/06 01:14:26) Shimmerillion: yes
(01/06 01:14:26) Crier for all: yes indeed
(01/06 01:14:37) Thend: Back to Marten's point of getting an Imager slide for each Guild in Beginners, sounds good
(01/06 01:14:4 Shimmerillion: in the meantime, maybe we can brainstorm ideas for the generic event coverage plan
(01/06 01:15:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000 nods her head
(01/06 01:15:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: excellent idea
(01/06 01:15:22) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and I think Beginners is a great place for recruitment and such
(01/06 01:15:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: and I like a city event
(01/06 01:15:46) Shimmerillion: yes
(01/06 01:15:52) Crier for all: yes
(01/06 01:15:53) Thend: Cool, Shim. And if anyone recruits in the City, maybe just a certain time each day, apart from the party times
(01/06 01:15:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000 misses the tent top
(01/06 01:16:05) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:16:07) Thend does too
(01/06 01:17:21) Crier for all: maybe just as the criers do, we have each day a crier in the city for 2 hours to spread the newsletter
(01/06 01:18:03) Shimmerillion: Crier, what are those times?
(01/06 01:18:31) Crier for all: the usual times are 14.00 till 16.00 KI time
(01/06 01:18:37) Shimmerillion: ok thanks
(01/06 01:18:51) Thend: Crier, I'm wondering if maybe splitting that up, one 8 or 12 hours apart from eachother might accomodate more timezones?
(01/06 01:19:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thanks, I didn't know that
(01/06 01:19:42) Thend: Otherwise, those not on during those hours normally might always miss the news
(01/06 01:19:49) Crier for all: Yes we are trying to do so but the most are from USA and I'm the only one from Europe
(01/06 01:20:04) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, looks like recruitment is in order!
(01/06 01:20:13) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:20:19) MTigerV: i'm sure you can find some night owl americans
(01/06 01:20:25) Thend: Seems to be the going issue
(01/06 01:20:40) Crier for all: hehe they found a night owl european ..me
(01/06 01:20:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we need an "other time zone" recruitment
(01/06 01:21:00) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:21:36) Thend: I think for Europeans, around midday is okay, then one later at night USA
(01/06 01:22:05) Crier for all: yes that would be a great idea but we are shorthanded so far
(01/06 01:22:11) Veralun: early evening here that is noon Us is the best for europeans
(01/06 01:22:20) Thend: Understood completely Crier
(01/06 01:23:22) Thend: Again, we'll see what the Announcement brings. It could fill the Cavern, or, uhm, not so fill the Cavern
(01/06 01:23:32) Crier for all: my main avie is each day in the cavern and I noticed that 10.00 Ki time the most people are coming in
(01/06 01:23:39) Veralun: let us hope for the best
(01/06 01:23:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: ditto
(01/06 01:23:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I am thinking they will
(01/06 01:24:14) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I got my letter here next to me to send to GameTap
(01/06 01:24:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: so I plan on doing my bit....
(01/06 01:24:31) Shimmerillion: i sent mine awhile back
(01/06 01:25:11) Thend: I've had.. words, as well lol
(01/06 01:25:16) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:25:20) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:25:39) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I also emailed Lewin some time ago and he emailed me back
(01/06 01:25:59) Thend: Blake's been good about everything
(01/06 01:26:03) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes.
(01/06 01:26:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I think this will go forward....legal stuff is so complicated and you know they cant say anything until it is all completed
(01/06 01:26:50) Shimmerillion: agreed
(01/06 01:27:00) Crier for all nods her head
(01/06 01:27:01) Marten cheers
(01/06 01:27:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: unfortunately for us, we are going to have to be patient and not chew at waggling hands....
(01/06 01:27:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:27:29) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:27:37) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:27:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: did I say that?
(01/06 01:27:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oops....
(01/06 01:27:56) Thend: It's the Blake aspect that concerns me. It's not about Season 2 for me as much as the continual call for subscribers, new and otherwise. I think Uru needs most of all growth. And, IMO, that calls for drastic actions
(01/06 01:27:56) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:28:04) Veralun: it came from the right side of me
(01/06 01:28:39) Veralun: agree thend
(01/06 01:28:40) Crier for all: so true thend
(01/06 01:28:44) [Relayer]DMom_2000: well, one of the things I pointed out in my letter was the vast untapped bunch of Boomers who would love to know about MOUL
(01/06 01:28:46) Shimmerillion: sorry, i've been out of touch during the holidays. what is the blake aspect?
(01/06 01:28:50) Veralun: Uber fans promo's
(01/06 01:29:03) Marten: The "Blake" aspect is promotion of Myst Online.
(01/06 01:29:12) [Relayer]DMom_2000: also that advertising needs to be directed so they will see it....
(01/06 01:29:21) Thend: The ones for Hex Isle were funny, Veralun lol
(01/06 01:29:31) Crier for all: oh yes
(01/06 01:29:35) MTigerV: that guy who did those promo vids for osmo?
(01/06 01:29:37) Veralun: the same we need to do for Uru
(01/06 01:29:50) Veralun: maybe we can
(01/06 01:30:04) Veralun: yeah why not?
(01/06 01:30:16) Shimmerillion: why not
(01/06 01:30:23) Crier for all: yeah!!
(01/06 01:30:34) Shimmerillion: and a GoMe logo at the end!
(01/06 01:30:36) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:30:40) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:30:45) Thend: Okay, Veralun, I'll work on the scripts - you get Rand's commitment to act in our promos lol
(01/06 01:30:51) Shimmerillion starts to laugh
(01/06 01:30:52) MTigerV: i know a guy in spokane with a van....
(01/06 01:30:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: WOW has some great ads on TV with William Shatner talking about his avie on WOW so they are targeting that age group
(01/06 01:30:57) Shimmerillion roars with laughter
(01/06 01:30:59) Thend starts to laugh
(01/06 01:31:02) Veralun: will call Rand tonight
(01/06 01:31:03) Crier for all: lol that is the easy part
(01/06 01:31:1 [Relayer]DMom_2000: I nominate Thend to be the Uberfan!
(01/06 01:31:22) Veralun: but serious I am thinking about this
(01/06 01:31:24) Thend: Oh yeah DM, those are fantastic. You are in charge of getting Shatner then
(01/06 01:31:2 [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:31:43) [Relayer]DMom_2000: we need a celeb in the cavern....and NOT Brittany
(01/06 01:31:47) Shimmerillion: Veralun, I have some greenscreen that I was planning to edit into Uru landscape footage
(01/06 01:32:0 Veralun: great
(01/06 01:32:19) Shimmerillion: the mac i was using broke, though lol
(01/06 01:32:23) Veralun: I have a complete video from Cyan
(01/06 01:32:23) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol can we get Mr. Shatner a free MOUL subscription?
(01/06 01:32:24) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:32:27) MTigerV: green screen uru commericals....a million ideas just poped into my head
(01/06 01:32:46) Veralun: I can cut out some shots and make a promo like these Uber fans
(01/06 01:32:55) Shimmerillion: let's do it
(01/06 01:33:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I can see it now....."Weeeeee love you Raaaaaannnnnddd!"
(01/06 01:33:23) Thend starts to laugh
(01/06 01:33:24) Veralun is looking at Marten
(01/06 01:33:27) Crier for all starts to laugh
(01/06 01:33:37) Thend: Maybe we could get Weird Al or something
(01/06 01:33:40) [Relayer]DMom_2000: oh! OH!
(01/06 01:33:54) Crier for all: hahha Al bundy?
(01/06 01:33:55) [Relayer]DMom_2000: have the Relayers there relaying Rand to everyone!
(01/06 01:34:01) [Relayer]DMom_2000 roars with laughter
(01/06 01:34:49) [Relayer]DMom_2000: not funny?
(01/06 01:34:55) Veralun starts to laugh
(01/06 01:35:00) Veralun: oops
(01/06 01:35:06) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:35:06) MTigerV: *crickets*
(01/06 01:35:11) Shimmerillion: lol
(01/06 01:35:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: the silence was deafening....
(01/06 01:35:19) Shimmerillion: ok well i've got to go
(01/06 01:35:26) Crier for all: lol was thinking about it
(01/06 01:35:29) Shimmerillion: remember, forum might be down tonight or tomorrow
(01/06 01:35:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: have a great nite Shim
(01/06 01:35:37) Shimmerillion: i'll see you all later!
(01/06 01:35:45) Crier for all: bye bye Shim
(01/06 01:35:45) Thend: Seeya later!
(01/06 01:35:50) Veralun: bye
(01/06 01:35:51) Marten: Goodnight SHim
(01/06 01:36:20) Veralun: MystMovie is online again
(01/06 01:36:26) Marten: That's good
(01/06 01:36:2 Crier for all: ooh great!!
(01/06 01:36:40) Marten: Do we have more topics to go over?
(01/06 01:36:43) MTigerV: i have a bad feeling about that...
(01/06 01:36:46) Veralun: now you need to fill in your name and password
(01/06 01:36:53) Thend: O.o
(01/06 01:36:59) Marten: o.O
(01/06 01:37:05) Thend: Not sure Marten. Covered a good bit though
(01/06 01:37:20) Crier for all: yes think so too
(01/06 01:37:33) Marten: May I fish for suggestions on one of my projects?
(01/06 01:37:36) Crier for all: i will put the log on the moul forum
(01/06 01:37:42) MTigerV: A New issue of the Archiver should be out tommorow
(01/06 01:37:49) Veralun: sure
(01/06 01:37:52) Thend: Sounds interesting Marten. And cool Tiger
(01/06 01:38:05) Crier for all: good tiger
(01/06 01:38:54) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I look forward to the Archivers
(01/06 01:38:56) Marten: A few months ago I started to develop a website, "rel.to". It's mission is to serve as an index to all sites of interest to Uru... not so much all of the rest of Myst, which is covered by Myst Embassy's Nexus, I think.
(01/06 01:38:57) [Relayer]DMom_2000: great stuff
(01/06 01:39:27) Crier for all: yes i have seen it, looking good marten
(01/06 01:39:52) Marten: rel.to doesn't have search functionality and isn't database driven yet, but I have started sorting content into categories; I'd like feedback on the categorization and if I've missed resources I should add.
(01/06 01:40:10) Marten: The hard thing to define is "How will users want to navigate the site..."
(01/06 01:41:22) Crier for all: well you could do live interviews in the cavern with some questions
(01/06 01:41:56) Marten: I've tried to accomodate users who may approach the site from guild hierarchy... and somewhat by play "interests' as well (puzzles vs ages vs story). Play style (IC/OOC) will eventually be added too if it goe well.
(01/06 01:42:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: nice
(01/06 01:42:21) Crier for all: that is great
(01/06 01:42:3 Marten: Well, I thought I'd keep my surveying to just this group for now, solicit suggestions from a small group for whom "communication" is your forte.
(01/06 01:43:21) Crier for all: ok I will pay more attention to it and let you know
(01/06 01:43:37) Marten: If you have ideas, even to say the color makes your eyes bleed, please let me know; I can be PMed at MystOnline's forums or DRCsite.
(01/06 01:43:56) Crier for all: ok
(01/06 01:45:09) Marten: Are the top 7 categories good, are they logical?
(01/06 01:45:10) Crier for all: well do we have more subjects?
(01/06 01:46:06) Thend: Okay Marten. I'll look later and get back to you. That sorta stuff interests me, as well
(01/06 01:46:13) Marten: Thanks.
(01/06 01:46:25) Crier for all: yes i will too
(01/06 01:48:0 Crier for all: so is there nothing else to discus?
(01/06 01:48:20) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol, seems not
(01/06 01:48:23) Marten: It would appear we're all messaged out.
(01/06 01:48:25) [Relayer]DMom_2000: lol
(01/06 01:48:31) Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 01:48:33) Gemini: may I ask a question
(01/06 01:48:35) [Relayer]DMom_2000: any ideas on the next meeting?
(01/06 01:48:37) Crier for all: sure
(01/06 01:48:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: go ahead Gemini
(01/06 01:48:50) Gemini: how does one become a member of the GoMe
(01/06 01:49:5 Marten: I don't think there are any requirements aside from having an interest.
(01/06 01:50:10) Thend: And a shirt
(01/06 01:50:15) [Relayer]DMom_2000: or finding one of the affiliated groups and joining them
(01/06 01:50:24) Crier for all: true
(01/06 01:50:26) [Relayer]DMom_2000: whatever you are interested in
(01/06 01:50:36) Veralun: if you are interested you can visit : www.guildofmessengers.com and become a member of the forum
(01/06 01:50:36) MTigerV: yes, the shirt is very important
(01/06 01:50:44) Gemini: I have the shirt
(01/06 01:50:54) Gemini: or else I couldn't get in here.
(01/06 01:51:01) Veralun: lol
(01/06 01:51:04) Thend: What are the current GoMe thingies? Criers, Relayers (unofficially)...
(01/06 01:51:04) Marten: Right. Most of the specific goals of the GoMe are met by groups that have already formed, but if other explorers have good ideas for additional purposes, that's great.
(01/06 01:51:0 Crier for all: well it only shows you support the guild of messengers
(01/06 01:51:13) [Relayer]DMom_2000: there are news organizations, the criers, the relayers etc pretty much anyone you might be interested in
(01/06 01:51:26) Veralun: you are very welcome to enjoy this group Gemini
(01/06 01:51:35) Gemini: where can I find info on these groups.
(01/06 01:51:51) [Relayer]DMom_2000: relayers are at www. relayercorps.org
(01/06 01:52:06) Marten: ...
(01/06 01:52:0 [Relayer]DMom_2000: crier, are you at the same or do you have another site
(01/06 01:52:21) Thend: And www.guildofmessengers.com, like Veralun mentioned
(01/06 01:52:26) MTigerV: The Cavern Today (podcasts, magazines) www.thecaverntoday.com
(01/06 01:52:29) Marten: I don't think _that_ is on rel.to, DMom. *goes and checks*
(01/06 01:52:30) Crier for all: yes we are on the same website
(01/06 01:52:32) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes. and the gom site
(01/06 01:52:42) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes
(01/06 01:53:04) Marten: They have an entry in the translation page, but not on the indexes.
(01/06 01:53:06) Veralun: on that site you can find all the organisations who partipate
(01/06 01:53:06) MTigerV: and thends photobucket account...
(01/06 01:53:09) Gemini: is there info at these sites on how to join
(01/06 01:53:15) Veralun: participate
(01/06 01:53:25) Thend: Lol What Tiger? lol
(01/06 01:53:37) [Relayer]DMom_2000: yes, people are always looking for someone to participate and you can do what interests you
(01/06 01:53:3 Veralun: and ofcourse the Guild forums on MOUL
(01/06 01:53:51) Gemini: ok thanks.
(01/06 01:55:00) Gemini: I will leave you to close your meeting, thanks for letting me listen in.
(01/06 01:55:00) [Relayer]DMom_2000: So, do you think we should have another meeting as soon as we can once an episode is announced to make plans on what we want to accomplish?
(01/06 01:55:17) Thend: I'm thinking that might be a good idea, DM
(01/06 01:55:25) Thend: If eevryone could make it
(01/06 01:55:2 Veralun: I think it is good to have one soon after the announcment
(01/06 01:55:31) Marten nods his head
(01/06 01:55:56) Crier for all: or if nothing happens the first saterday of next month?
(01/06 01:56:25) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:56:31) MTigerV: cursed nfl playoffs... I'll try to make that
(01/06 01:56:45) Veralun: well they cannot wait longer so I suppose an announcement will come soon
(01/06 01:56:52) Thend: Not like I can say or anything, but that all sounds good
(01/06 01:57:33) Veralun: and otherwise we will send Cyan some Uberfans
(01/06 01:57:3 Crier for all: hehe
(01/06 01:57:43) Thend: Heh heh Poor Rand
(01/06 01:57:46) MTigerV: I'll get the van...
(01/06 01:57:50) Veralun: yep
(01/06 01:57:57) Crier for all: lol
(01/06 01:58:02) [Relayer]DMom_2000: I got the cami makeup
(01/06 01:58:24) Thend: I have to go and do some uber stuff myself atm. Thanks for the meeting all, and seeya around
(01/06 01:58:31) Veralun: woooooot!
(01/06 01:58:34) [Relayer]DMom_2000: thanks for coming Thend
(01/06 01:58:3 Crier for all: ok thanks thend and bye
(01/06 01:58:40) Thend nods his head
(01/06 01:58:41) Veralun: thanks all
(01/06 01:58:45) Thend waves goodbye
(01/06 01:58:47) MTigerV: anybody free to help me with ahonay?
(01/06 01:58:4 Veralun waves hello
(01/06 01:58:51) Veralun: CU


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